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Material Supply

Material Supply Solutions is a Texas based commercial construction material supplier. We are the first supplier to truly understand that the industry needed project specific credit terms. Essentially, we can help relieve you of the stress related to suppliers demanding to be paid before you are.

If it goes into commercial construction, we can supply it – BETTER!

We Do

Imagine a world where you never have a single dollar of your own capital tied up with materials.

How about purchasing the same materials you are buying today and paying for them when you get paid?

These are just a few of the real-world issues we can help you solve!


We offer these benefits


Flexible terms/due dates on material purchases to match up with your pay dates on projects. Never be late or on hold again.


Removal of cash flow constraints on your business.


Material purchases from your existing suppliers with significantly higher credit limits.


Not dependent on personal credit or personal guarantees.

Your Business

What if you were able to free up capital you currently have tied up in materials and reserves for new projects you normally couldn’t bid. What if you also were able to bid new projects without concern for cash planning to purchase the materials?

With a unique vision and approach to meeting both the need for materials and proper terms, MSS has helped to catapult multiple companies through their working capital barriers and on to double digit growth in a very short time. Our unique backgrounds in construction, risk assessment, banking, and fortune 500 level negotiation environments makes us uniquely qualified to provide exceptional service and unmatched partner support.


Rick McCall and Clint Winn founded MSS to help contractors build successful, transformative businesses.


Clint brings to the team over 20 years of experience in the areas of collaborative planning, consultative selling and project financial structuring working for one of the household names in the technology sector. He has extremely developed negotiation skills with large Fortune 500 customers and has risen to the pinnacle of his peer group. Most recently, he has managed and grown a $50M a year business. He has built and maintains excellent relationships with titans of industry throughout the country.

Clint earned his Texas A&M University degree in Economics with a minor in Finance while contributing to the institution’s great athletic history on the Aggie Golf Team. Clint and his family currently reside in McKinney, Tx. Clint still enjoys playing high level competitive amateur golf and spending time with his family and friends.


Rick brings with him 30 years of entrepreneurship spanning multiple industries. Banking, Real Estate, Construction, Importing, Government Consulting, Insurance, Foreclosure Services and even a short foray into a popular live music Bar and Restaurant. He has specialized in building ground up successful startups and teams of stellar achievers. His unique background and insight were the catalyst behind the creation of Contract Material Group and Metal Supply Solutions. His widely varied experience, coupled with an education among the world’s greatest mathematical minds at UC Berkeley, has equipped him to be a leading entrepreneur and visionary.

Rick lives in McKinney with his wife. He has two kids in college and two still at home. In his spare time he spends time with his family, mentors and supports up and coming young Entrepreneurs in the Dallas area, and enjoys fly fishing.

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The only thing you have to lose is the stress and troubles of your current material payment struggles